tyler-grace-photography-photographers-in-albury-anguishAnguish” by Tyler Grace Photography

These are my most experimental images ever. Never did I imagine that I would have a makeup artist smearing dirt all over a nude model and capturing some of my favourite images ever, but here we are with this brand new set of images which have all of that, plus more!

The Beginning

The organisation for this shoot started around 5 months before we actually got the team together and did this shoot. Teagan had commented on one of my posts on one of the Albury/Wodonga Creative Groups that she was interested in modelling for me.

I messaged her that night, and through that chat I learned that she was interested in trying out nude modelling, and as I had been looking for models that were willing to do implied and full nude shoots so I could build up a portfolio of those sorts of images, we started trying to conceptualise a shoot and eventually I came up with the idea to smear dirt allover her and do a shoot based on the emotion “Anguish” and also “Feeling Like Dirt” as a sub concept.

By the time we figured everything out, it was August, and we decided to do the shoot in early September.

After we figured the date out, I reached out to Zoe Wilde, a local hair artist who also dabbles in a lot of makeup these days, and asked if she would be interested in this dirt filled shoot, and to my surprise, she agreed!

It was something completely different to her normal style of hair and makeup, but she had wanted to do something that was outside her usual realm, and was fully up for my crazy challenge!

The shoot was coming up, but only a few days before the shoot, Teagan broke her ankle!
We ended up having to postpone the shoot until her ankle had healed.

After a few weeks, and a lot of figuring out everyone’s schedules, we scheduled the shoot for Saturday the 12th of November.

I then scouted for an assistant for the shoot, and thankfully Duanne from Riksu Photography put his hands up to help. With this final piece of the puzzle solved at the lat minute, it was time to create some very experimental images!

The Photo Shoot – Hair And Makeup

Everyone arrived within a couple of minutes of each other. First Teagan, then Duanne and then Zoe.

As soon as Zoe got to the shoot location, which happened to be my home studio, we got started on the hair and makeup.

Zoe smeared dirt all over Teagan, as well as messed up her hair, and just made complete magic with those hair and makeup brushes! I am SO glad with how the hair and makeup turned out! They were practically exactly what I had been envisioning for this concept!

Hair and Makeup took about 2 hours, as we were really taking our time and trying to get things perfect, and then aftwewards, we got straight into the shoot!

 tyler-grace-photography-photographers-in-albury-despair“Despair” by Tyler Grace Photography

The Photo Shoot

Teagan was an absolutely fantastic model and a fantastic person to work with in general! We started off creating the image you can see at the top of the page. That was the one of the two imges that I had originally envisioned for this shoot.

I may release the other original concept eventually, but again, As with the last set of images that I released, thanks to not having my own laptop I haven’t had much of a chance to edit in the last 12 weeks.

This image turned out even better than I had ever hoped!

The second image is practically just a close up, black and white version of the first image, which I really like! There isn’t much else to say about it other than Teagan really nailed the anguished expression in both if these images!

The final image was a random image I captured at the end of the shoot. It wasn’t in the original plan for the shoot, but the idea came to me right at the last minute! To me it is an image that says “I’m completely done”. It could mean something different to you, but that’s the feeling I get from it, and it is actually my second favourite shot from the shoot!

After we created the last image, we packed up and went out seperate ways!

 tyler-grace-photography-photographers-in-albury-done“Done” by Tyler Grace Photography

Conclusion And Thanks

This was honestly the most fun photo shoot I have ever been a part of that I have organised myself. The whole day was filled with laughter and joking around, and the team I got to work with are all incredible people and incredible artists. I can’t wait to work with you all again in the near future!

A huge thanks goes out to:
Zoe Wilde from Zoe Wilde Artistry for the incredible hair and makeup!
Duanne Anderson from Riksu Photography for assisting me on this shoot!
Teagan Fulford for being an incredible model!
My Mum, for putting up with me doing photo shoots in our house, and just being an awesome Mum in general!

Hopefully we can all work together soon!

I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful week ahead!