It all began with an amazing hug..

The date was Sunday the 14th of December, the weather was quite nice from what I can remember and the occasion was Brooke Shaden’s Fine Art Photography workshop in Winchelsea!

I had been waiting a couple of months for this day! I was so excited to do a workshop with another one of my idols in the photography world. One second I was walking up the huge driveway of this incredible mansion, and the next second being hugged by Brooke Shaden. She gives good hugs..just saying… haha.

There were a couple of attendees there and as Brooke took me and another one of the attendees on a little tour through the mansion, even more arrived. In total there were about 15 photographers total in the workshop.

Once we had a little bit of a walk through the mansion, we headed out to the side of the mansion where breakfast was being served! I can’t remember exactly what was being served, but I know I had an apple! It was a nice apple! Haha

After breakfast, we all went to the room where we did all of the theory parts of the workshop. In the first theory session we learned all about how Brooke started in photography, what her workflow is and how to create a story through our photography.

After that we watched Brooke shoot one of the models in two of the 3 locations where we were going to be shooting 3 different models later on in the day.
Then, after lunch, the shooting began!
We had around 10 minutes with each model, which was really, really tough for me, as I usually take days or weeks to plan out an image and then hours to shoot it!

The Images

This first image was my first of the day. I struggled the most with this one. I had no idea what I wanted to do, but I found this little manhole in after walking through a couple of rooms and thought “I must shoot here!”. I tried telling stories with every one of my images. I’m not sure if my story came through in this first photo, but here it is!


She is confined to a lonely existence, longing for the day where she can step outside these walls and and experience all that life has to offer.Melbourne Photographer Tyler Grace went to Brooke Shaden's Fine Art Photography workshop
These next 2 images go with one another. The first is a story about the struggle of anxiety and depression and the second one is about overcoming them. They are my favourite images from the day!

“Broken And Defeated”

The anxiety and depression have taken over. She has been drained of all her hopes, passions and dreams and believes that she will never come out of this dark, terrifying place.Melbourne Photographer Tyler Grace went to Brooke Shaden's Fine Art Photography workshop

“The Calm After The Storm”

The darkness has been lifted, a calmness fills her. She feels human once more.Melbourne Photographer Tyler Grace went to Brooke Shaden's Fine Art Photography workshop

The next image is one that was taken in a barn. The only light being the light from opening the barn doors to the side of the model.
The image below it is a photo that one of the ladies in my group set up, and I had just randomly clicked the button on my shutter without looking through the viewfinder or at the screen and that happened to be the photo that I took, and I thought I would share it over here on the blog!


Melbourne Photographer Tyler Grace went to Brooke Shaden's Fine Art Photography workshop


“Becoming The Grim”

Melbourne Photographer Tyler Grace went to Brooke Shaden's Fine Art Photography workshop

After shooting we went back into the room where we did all of our theory work and Brooke edited one of her photos that she took and then answered all of our questions about the business side of photography and then after about 2 hours the workshop ended!

It was honestly the best day that I have had since my adventure with Ben Von Wong in March! I learned so much and made a few new friends in the process which was super awesome!

I really want to thank Brooke for being an amazing teacher, photographer and a super amazing human being! You are one of the kindest and most down to Earth people I have ever met Brooke and I am so glad that I came! It was well worth it!
It was certainly a day that I will never forget!

I also want to thank Brooke’s assistant Kelly, as well as all the models and all of the photographers who came to the workshop. You are all incredibly wonderful!
I hope everyone has a wonderfully Merry Christmas and an outstanding New Year!
Keep smiling everyone! 🙂