This is a series of images which reflects some of my own experiences in life due to being chronically ill.


 Photographers In Albury | Albury Photographer | Tyler Grace | Faceless
Sometimes things happen in our lives that change us, they change us so much that we lose our identity,  we become a shell of what we once were, we become faceless.

The thing that changed me was becoming chronically ill. I had changed from this happy-go-lucky, constantly smiling and laughing young ball of fun, to a cripple who lost all confidence he had and could barely even speak to anyone without anxiety taking him over
At one point I lost all my friends and was completely isolated. I was stuck between either the walls of my house or the halls of the hospital.
I became so ill that I was bed ridden for most of my teenage life.

I felt that I had lost myself. I didn’t know who I was anymore. It was so incredibly scary.


 Photographers In Albury | Albury Photographer | Tyler Grace | Anxiety
The anxiety that came along with becoming chronically ill was crippling. I could barely do anything apart from talk to my immediate family. Having to talk to anyone else, even on the phone would send me into a panic attack.

I saw many different mental health specialists about it, but none of them could ever help me. All I ever got was the same tips from each one. The thing I really needed was to face my fears, and I didn’t figure that out for a very long time!

I still struggle so much with my anxiety. I am a lot better now, but there are still times where I can’t even go outside the house without freaking out. I have my friends to thank for my anxiety getting better. If they didn’t come into my life when they did, I have no idea where I would be. Knowing how I was back then, I probably would have been stuck in a mental hospital by now.


 Photographers In Albury | Albury Photographer | Tyler Grace | Insanity
This is sort of an outtake of “Anxiety” but I like it so much that I thought I would give it it’s own name and feature it here on the blog!

How I Took The Shot

The setup was actually very simple. I had my Canon 430EX II to the right side of me on a light stand at about half power. I would say that it was about 10 feet away, and then I had my Sony A7R with a Sony-Zeiss 55mm 1.8 lens on my tripod and connected to my iPad so I could remote focus and trigger it! It is probably the most simple setup ever!
I then did the colour correction and then the black and white conversion in Lightroom. I also had to edit out a few things out on the wall, but nothing that the healing tool in Lightroom couldn’t handle!

I hope you have all had a wonderful week, and as always, keep smiling everyone! 🙂