Tyler Grace Photography – Model Search

This is an application form for those who are interested in modelling for Tyler Grace Photography.
We create images which are very dark and serious in nature, but all tell a story.
The images we create are exhibited in galleries all around the world, published in magazines and are often entered into competitions.

- You do not have to have any modelling experience to be considered.
- Please share this application with your family and friends in case they are interested!

If you would like to see my portfolio, please visit me on any of these links:
Website: http://tylergracephotography.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/TylerGracePhotography
Instagram: http://instagram.com/TylerGracePhotography

If you would like to see a small portion of my Implied/Artistic Nude portfolio, along with information on the different nudity styles, please visit:  https://www.tylergracephotography.com/Nudity-Styles

If you would like to add me as a friend on Facebook to see all my model search posts when I post them, please visit: http://facebook.com/tylergracetog

- Model release forms must be signed at every photo shoot.
- If I choose for you to become a part of the main model team, there is a seperate contract that must be signed.
- You must be 18 years of age or older to take part in any styles involving nudity.
- If you are under 18, please obtain your parents permission before completing this form and process.
- If you are under 18, at least one parent or legal guardian must be present at all meetings and photo shoots.

- If you are successful in the online application phase, I will contact you to organise an in-person meeting,
- At the meetings we dicuss how my photo shoots work, the legalities, concepts and more of what is required of you as either a one-time model or a model on my main team.

- If you are successful in the in-person meeting round, you will be asked to take part in a test shoot or full shoot.
- Feel free to bring someone along with you to the photo shoot if you feel more comfortable doing so.
- I will more often than not have an assistant on every photo shoot that we do together.
- Most of the time, you will have to do your own hair and makeup.

- Models will be paid a portion of the profits from any sales of prints of the images that we create together, as well as extra images for their portfolio.

Submitting this form does not guarantee acceptance.

This is an ongoing search, so there is no due date for applications or specific acceptance notification date, unless specified in social media posts.

Only successful applicants will be notified.

If you come across any issues with this form, please let me know by contacting me.

Application Form

Basic Details

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Getting To Know You

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Please visit the Nudity Styles page linked in the Information section for more details.
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Example Photos

Please upload up to 5 example photos of yourself, including at least one full length photo. If this does not work, please provide a link to your portfolio or social media profile where photos of you are visible.