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Today is the day that we head out on our epic road trip! Our destination is Kyabram, a place in the middle of nowhere where they are having a rodeo!

We get ourselves out of bed at around 9 o’clock and it seems like it is just going to be a regular quiet and uneventful morning, but it is far from that!
Ben asked me what kind of strap I use for my camera, and I told him that I use the BlackRapid strap, which hurts quite a bit, but is still better than the neck strap that comes with the camera. He gets me to try out a belt holster for my camera, which was decent, but put a LOT of stress on my lower back and legs after a while, which is really bad for my weak body. He then recommended the Cotton Carrier Carrier System, and before I said I will be sure to buy one and test them, he said “I have contacts at Cotton Carrier, I’ll try and get you one for free!”. He then asked how I run my website and I told him that thanks to his recommendation and discount code that was on his blog I use Smugmug. He then said that he will try to get me some free Smugmug as well!

Little did I know that I would not only get a free Cotton Carrier Vest, but also 5 YEARS worth of free Smugmug! I was so shocked , happy and excited! I was never expecting any of this to happen!
Then, after all of that, one more awesome thing happened! I got to have a video call with one of my other favourite photographers Rob Woodcox for a few minutes! It was more than awesome!
I think he called us while he was waiting for a theatre production to start! I’m not sure whether it was that or a movie, but it really meant a lot that Rob took the time out to chat for a few minutes while he was so busy! Thank you Rob!
Just after that Dad, Sam and Silvia arrived and we packed the car, had a sort of group photo using the GoPro Ben had which was attached to the front of Dads car, then we went and picked Bianca up and we set out on our journey to Kyabram!

Eventually we arrived in Kyabram and went straight to the rodeo. Ben tried to get us in for free as media, but his attempt failed. But to no surprise at all, Dad managed to get us all in as media, as they know of Dads website, which I help run called Digital Farm TV (And probably because he had his huge broadcast video camera with him)! So we headed in and looked around for a bit. There were quite a few stalls and carnival games there. First we went to watch and take shots of the rodeo. I managed to get a few pretty decent shots. It was also my first time ever using a Nikon D800, as Ben let me use his!
Here are a few of my shots! You can scroll through the photos after clicking on one to see a few more, including a behind the scenes shot from the behind the scenes video, which you can watch in it’s entirety by clicking here! A photo from the Kyabram Rodeo by one of the many photographers in Albury Tyler Grace

 A photo from the Kyabram Rodeo by one of the many photographers in Albury Tyler Grace

 A photo from the Kyabram Rodeo by one of the many photographers in Albury Tyler Grace
Then we went back and checked out a few more of the stalls and I tried out a few of the carnival games and ended up winning a little fish-like toy. We then went over to the mechanical bull where both Bianca and Ben had a go! I think Ben lasted over 40 seconds and Bianca lasted about 7 or 8 seconds on her second try. We then asked if I could just get onto the bull and pose for a shot, and I did! Here are some shots of Ben and I on the bull as well as a couple of behind the scenes shots!

 A photo from the Kyabram Rodeo by one of the many photographers in Albury Tyler Grace

 A photo from the Kyabram Rodeo by Benjamin Von Wong
 Albury Photographer | Tyler Grace Photograhy | Rodeo | Me Shooting
 Albury Photographer | Tyler Grace Photograhy | Rodeo | Ben And I

We then met up with the people we were staying with, including Wanda from Autopsy Jude, and we pretty much spent the rest of the night with them. By about 9 o’clock my body was starting to give up on me, so Dad, Bianca, Silvia and I left to go have something to eat. We ended up finding a really nice pizza place in Echuca. Bianca and I will definitely be going back there one day! It was really nice!
After that everyone else caught up with us and we all went to a bar for a quick drink. When we finished there we went back to where we were staying, which was like a cabin in the woods..except bigger than cabin, set ourselves up for the night and went to sleep!
All in all it was a really fun day, But the road trip had only just started, and there was lots more fun to be had!

The next blog will chronicle days 5 and 6 of my epic adventure with Benjamin Von Wong, which includes canoeing/kayaking, heading to Melbourne and going to a fetish club!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far, and as always, keep smiling everyone! 🙂