This week started out like all normal weeks. Nothing special happened and to be honest it was a really boring week. Then on Wednesday night while my sister Bianca and my Nan were away in Melbourne, I spent the night with my Grandfather and we had an awesome night! It was the first night we had ever spent with just the two of us, so it was really special to us both!

At about 10 o’clock that night, I received an unexpected call from Mum in which she told me that we had to go to the airport late in the afternoon on the next day. Mum said that she had to pick someone up for a work colleague of hers who couldn’t make it to the airport due to not being able to get out of work on time.
The next day, my Grandfather brought me back home at about 10am, and we weren’t picking the lady up until around 4pm, so I just spent the day relaxing.

We arrived at the airport at around 4 o’clock and while we were waiting we filled our stomachs with some food and drink from the airport cafe and then we went and waited by the gate for this person. I had no idea what they looked like, so I was just really hoping that Mum knew!

During the wait I saw one of my friends sisters and we talked for a bit, then she left and we waited for a bit longer. Then all of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a familiar figure walking through the gate!
It was my best friend Alyssa! She had moved to Queensland about 3 and a half years ago and she hasn’t been home since she left! I was so incredibly happy to see her! I honestly don’t think I have ever rushed so fast through a crowd of people just to hug someone before! It was honestly so awesome!

Her boyfriend Joel was with her as well! I hadn’t met him before due to them meeting in Queensland, but he is such a nice guy! I’m really glad I got the chance to meet him! And of course, I gave him a hug as well!

After we left the airport, we ended up going and surprising Alyssa’s Mum as well! Her Mum had no idea that she was coming home, so it was very emotional for her to see her daughter for the first time in over 3 years!
Mum and I left after about half an hour after so that Alyssa and her Mum could spend some time together!

But our story is not over yet!

The Photo Shoot

On the Friday afternoon, after talking about it over breakfast, we decided to head to the studio and do a quick little photo shoot!
Alyssa is pregnant at the moment, and this is actually the last week that she can travel before she isn’t medically allowed to, so it turned out to be a couples and maternity shoot!

I wasn’t able to shoot for long due to being so unwell. I only lasted about 20 minutes before almost passing out. I was devastated that we had to cut it short, and I didn’t really get any of the shots that I wanted to get, but it was still fun while it lasted!
Here is the final shot from the shoot. It’s nowhere near my best work, but all of the photos from this shoot are photos that mean a lot to me so I am still happy to share one or two of them!
Tyler Grace, one of the many photographers in Melbourne, was surprised by his best friend!

Here is a shot I got with Alyssa as well! We use to constantly take selfies together, but it had been quite a few years since the last one, and it was our first one since I have become a photographer, so we couldn’t resist!Tyler Grace, one of the many photographers in Albury, was surprised by his best friend!

You can also scroll through the photos after clicking on them to see singular shots of Alyssa and Joel!

Thank you Alyssa and Joel for coming down! It was so great to see you both, and to finally meet you Joel!
Also, thank you Mum for helping make this surprise possible! It means so much more than you will ever know!

I hope you have all had a wonderful week, and as always, keep smiling everyone! 🙂

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