Hello and Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to my first blog post for 2017!
This blog is going to be all about my new image “Split”.

About The Image:

“Split is another image that I have had in my head for many years. It has taken me a while to actually get around to shooting this concept because I’ve had so many other concepts that I have wanted to do first, but I am so glad that I have finally created this image!

This image has two different meanings to me. The first being that it is all about people with Dissociative Identity Disorder. I have met people over my years in the hospital system who have had this disorder and I wanted to create an image inspired by those people.
DID is uncontrollable and completely different to the secondary meaning.

The secondary story behind the image, and the story I used in the caption for this image on social media is that it is also about two faced people who act one way to your face and then a different way behind your back.
This is controllable.

The Beginning:

This photo was taken during my biggest and most important photo shoot ever at the old Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum. I took 5 models, plus some of my family and my assistant and we spent 5 hours shooting in all of the beautiful broken down buildings around the property.

After Dawn, one of the crew from Asylum Ghost Tours – Beechworth took us through the asylum so I could have a proper look at the location, we got straight into shooting. This image with Meegan was actually the first image that I created on the day.

The Lighting:

I decided on this room pretty quickly, as the light that was coming through the room was really interesting! There was a room opposite the room we shot in that has the sun shining through it, and some of that light also came through the door of the room we were in, which is why there is only that sliver of light where Meegan is standing.

I haven’t used natural light much in the last few months, so it was great to try it out again!
I did try using my studio lights to enhance the effect, but it just didn’t work very well no matter what I tried, so I just stuck with the natural light, aside from when it was time to flare the dress out.

The room was actually pitch black dark, and I had to bump my ISO up pretty high and my shutter speed at 1/25th of a second for this shot, but thankfully my Sony A7R has some really good noise performance, so that wasn’t a problem. There is still a little bit of noise in the image, but I think it really suits it to be honest.

The last few shots we took for this image were of the dress flying out. For this, I used my Einstein to light the dress up.
The reason I used the Einstein specifically for the dress is because if we threw up the dress with the 1/25th of a second shutter speed that I was using, the dress would have been a complete blur.
With the Einstein we were able to counteract that, as any light from the flash that hits the dress will stop the motion of the dress no matter what shutter speed, although if the shutter speed is too slow there could be blurs around the fast moving object. Thankfully the shutter speed wasn’t slow enough for that to happen in our case though.

The Posing:

I got Meegan to pose in two different positions. The first being a very closed off position, and the other being a very open and inviting bent back position.

The reason I chose these positions is because I think they show two different sides to the same person. The closed off, nervous kind of person, and the open and energetic kind of person.

The Editing:

This one took quite a while to edit! There were lots of different elements such as blending the two poses together in a believable sort of way, the blending of the dress flying out and general touch ups to the windows and floor of the room.

The blending of all of the different dress related shots was the most time consuming part. Because I had shot the posing shots at high ISO with natural light and the shot of the dress flying out with a low ISO and my Einstein, there were inconsistencies in colour and exposure that needed to be fixed.

Thankfully after a little bit of playing around I finally got it all right, as well as the blending of the top part of the dress where Meegans heads are.
Then came the general touch ups which were pretty easy and I was done. All in all it took me about 3 or 4 hours to fully complete the editing of this image, as there was also a lot of playing around that I did in terms of colour outside of the elements that I have described above.


This was a really fun shoot, and the whole day itself was a pretty fun day. I may release some other images from this shoot if they have turned out well! I haven’t had much of a chance to edit them due to some other images taking priority, but hopefully I can get around to editing them soon!

A huge thanks goes out to the following people for being a part of the Mayday Hills shoot.
Models: Meegan Strauss, Elise Zorzutti, Camilla Linhart, Emily Linhart and Jessica Frankcom
Assistant and Driver: Teagan Fulford
My Family: Mum, Bianca, Nan and Gar for coming along to support me.

A special thanks also goes out to Asylum Ghost Tours – Beechworth for allowing us to go into the Asylum and create images for 5 hours!

Extra News:

This year I will be releasing one photo a week, as well as blogging once a week, so be sure to subscribe to my blog or keep a close eye on the Tyler Grace Photography Facebook Page so you don’t miss any new images or blog posts!

Again, Happy New Year and I hope you all have a wonderful 2017!