All Seeing, 2020

The morning begun at 4:30am. Our model arrived to pick Eleni and I up and we headed off to the Redwoods.

It took us around an hour to get there, and once we did, the photo shoot began!

First, we waited until the sun began to rise, and then we started preparing for the first image of the day, which is this weeks image “All Seeing”.

It took us around 20 minutes to get everything ready. Preparing involved putting double sided tape on the back of each craft eye, and then sticking them all over Kate’s body.

It doesn’t show in the image due to the posing that we ended up deciding on, but there were eyes stuck all down her legs as well.

Then, the wait for the light of the sun to illuminate inside the forest begun!

We had arrived just before 6:00am, which is when the sun began rising, however due to being in the forest, there wasn’t enough light to begin shooting until around 7:10am, so there was a bit of a wait!

After trying a few different poses, and taking about 20 frames in the process, we settled on this one, and only small modifications were done to the pose. In total, there were 30 frames taken for this specific image.

For the first time, I have created an animated GIF of the editing process. Here it is:

And here is a small 10 second video of me attaching some of the eyes onto Kate’s back, which was taken by my love, Eleni!

I will be sharing more images from this photo shoot soon, so keep an eye out for them in the coming weeks!

Also, apologies for the lateness is releasing this weeks image in my 52 Week Project. I ended up having a bit of a rough week with my health, as well as being super busy with photo shoots and starting my course at the Photography Studies College, and haven’t had the chance to edit the image or blog about it until today.

I should be on time for the foreseeable future though!

I hope you have all had a wonderful week so far!