Over the last 6 years, I have barely posted anything except for my storytelling images on my official Tyler Grace Photography social media pages.

Not a lot of people know this, but I actually work with one other particular style as well, and that is Fine Art Nude.

To me, Fine Art Nude is defined as nudity in a tasteful and artful way, without any sense of anything indecent behind it.

Those who don’t know photography terminology very well often say to me “But isnt most of your work artistic nude?”, and yes, that is true, however to me a fine art nude image doesn’t have a story behind it and is more about the shape of the body.

It is a style that I fell I move with early on my career, however I didn’t start practicing it on a regular basis until 7 years into my photography journey.

This was due to one main reason.
Like with my conceptual photography, I didn’t think I had the skills or confidence to do the genre justice, and take photos that the models would be proud of.
Along with that, I was just flat out scared to take that keep of faith and try it out.

Even though I have been using different levels of nudity in my conceptual imagery with models since December 2016, it still took me another 2 and a half years to begin to face that fear and shoot in that style.

I had to remind myself that we all start from somewhere, and that sitting around, thinking about it wouldn’t help ease that fear or help me improve at it!

This image was from my first full fine art nude shoot. It wasn’t my first fine art nude shoot ever, but it was the first time that I completely focused on this style during a shoot.

I did much better on this shoot than I thought I would!

Over the rest of 2019, I would continue doing fine art nude shoots every now and then with the models in my Albury team.

This image is from my first shoot with Soffy:

And finally, the image at the start of this post is from my most recent shoot with Madeline.

I am planning on shooting much more of this style this year, and improving my skills even more, as well as beginning to shoot Fine Art Nudes out on location rather that just inside the studio.

If you live in Albury or Melbourne and would like to book/commission a Fine Art Nude photo shoot, please let me know by contacting me via any of the options on the following page: http://tylergracephotography.com/Contact

I hope you all have a great rest of the week!

– Tyler