Releasing The Demon, 2017

Throughout the photographic world, there seems to be this expectation that because you can now capture a lot of frames during a photo shoot with little cost involved that the model or client should always receive a large amount of photographs in return as a result.

With this, there is a chance that person or people in front of the camera can receive a very small amount of great shots, a couple of good shots, and then the rest be mediocre.

This isn’t always a case, as there are some fantastic photographers out there who can shoot loads of high quality images in one photo shoot, but you see the situation that I mentioned more often than not nowadays.

Back when I use to shoot glamour and fashion photographs between 2012 and 2014, I was this kind of photographer, and while my clients and models would be happy receiving a bunch of photos from the shoot, I would be left feeling disheartened and upset with myself for giving into pressure and for giving them mediocre images that weren’t up to the standards that I set for myself, and giving them images that they couldn’t use in their portfolios.

It was when my style evolved into the dark conceptual imagery that you see me create now that my brain snapped into gear and I finally changed my ways.

I didn’t just change my ways because I wanted to, it was because I had to.

My current style involves taking a lot of time and care to create a single frame, which is full of story and emotion.
With other styles of photography, you can use flow posing to change things up, but my photo shoots involve one or two poses, with minute adjustments, sometimes for up to an hour, all for one image.

The Suffocating Love, 2017

My health also plays a role, as I am a lot slower nowadays due to my health being in a really rough place that is keeping me bedridden on more days now than ever.

I physically can’t keep up with the pace of a normal paced photo shoot most of the time, so I work at the pace that suits my body the best, which also results in less photos out of each shoot.

If you wish to model for me in one of my personal storytelling photo shoots, please expect between one and three final images to be created and delivered to you from the shoot, even if the shoot lasts for most of the day.

And if you work with me in any other style in a personal shoot as a model, you can expect between 5 and 20 images, depending on how long we shoot for, and how my health is treating me on that day.

I rather give you images that you can be proud of rather than see them, and feel nothing toward, and I also rather give you images of the quality that you see on my website, or as close to it as I can possibly get on that particular day.

Please note that this blog only pertains to models who work with me on my personal photo shoots.
Paying clients receive higher and guaranteed amounts, except in the case of storytelling images, where 3 is the maximum under normal circumstances.

If you wish to see my price guides for any style of photo shoot that I offer, which includes Storytelling, Fine Art Nude, Fine Art Fashion and Couples Photo Shoots, please contact me by using any of the methods on the following page, and I will send the requested price guide along to you:

If you are ever interested in modeling for me, please read the information, and fill out the application form on the following page:

I hope this blog has given you a little insight into why I only give a small number of images to my models.

Keep being awesome everyone, and have a wonderful 2020!

– Tyler