52 Week Project: A Hazy Daydream
January 30, 2020

I have been in a bit of a nostalgic mood lately, and as a part of that, I have been revisiting some of my older images.

While browsing my images from 2017, I came across a photo shoot that I did with Sophie and Ebony in July of that year, and I realized that I haven’t released any of the images from that shoot yet…

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52 Week Project: All Seeing
January 23, 2020

The morning begun at 4:30am. Kate arrived to pick Eleni and I up and we headed off to the Redwoods.
It took us around an hour to get there, and once we did, the photo shoot began…

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Dealing With Rejection
January 16, 2020

As an artist who works with galleries, and enters competitions on a very frequent basis, I have had my fair of triumph and failure.

Today I want to talk about the latter..

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52 Week Project: Embrace
January 13, 2020

Whether it be because of societies expectations, our own expectations of ourselves, or through mental illness, we can often lose sight of who we are.

Through these experiences, we can learn to dislike or hate certain parts, or everything about our existence…

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Fine Art Nude
January 9, 2020

Over the last 6 years, I have barely posted anything except for my storytelling images on my official Tyler Grace Photography social media pages.

Not a lot of people know this, but I actually work with one other particular style as well, and that is Fine Art Nude…

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52 Week Project: New Beginnings
January 6, 2020

This week, the first week of 2020, a new beginning has started for me, and this image is a representation of that

It’s not your typical “New Year, New Me” type of change, but it’s the beginning of something that will lead to bigger changes down the road…

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Quality Vs Quantity

January 2, 2020

Throughout the photographic world, there seems to be this expectation that because you can now capture a lot of frames during a photo shoot with little cost involved that the model or client should always receive a large amount of photographs in return as a result…

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Twenty Twenty

December 26, 2019

Twenty Twenty is going to be a year of change, a year of challenge and a year of growth.

In this blog, I am going to be outlining all of my goals and making a few announcements, so strap in and hold on, because this blog is going to be quite the ride…

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Twenty Nineteen – A Retrospective

Twenty Nineteen has been a year.
It’s been a year full of ups, downs, challenges and successes.

Would I say that it’s been a particularly good year? In some ways, yes, but in most ways it’s been the most challenging year I have ever had, both business wise, and health wise…

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The Nudity Aspect
December 5, 2019

Nudity is defined as the state of being in a state of undress, uncovered and showing certain amounts of bare skin.
Most of my photographs, whether it be my storytelling images or otherwise, involves nudity to some degree.

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The Crash
November 15, 2018

When it hits, it takes me down and sometimes I don’t think I’m going to be able to get back up.
It isolates me, tears me up inside both physically and mentally, and makes me a shell of what I was either weeks, days or moments prior.
This is the story of what it is like for me when my health goes into what I call “Crash Mode”…

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Ashes To Ashes
July 24, 2017

Physical and mental breakdowns are like an uncontrollable fire that we often feel will never end. Surviving that inferno is incredibly difficult, but if you can fight through it, you will be able to rise from the ashes and live to fight another day!”…

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January 3, 2017

This photo was taken during my biggest and most important photo shoot ever at the old Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum. I took 5 models, plus some of my family and my assistant and we spent 5 hours shooting in all of the beautiful broken down buildings around the property…

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December 5, 2016

These are my most experimental images ever. Never did I imagine that I would have a makeup artist smearing dirt all over a nude model and capturing some of my favourite images ever, but here we are with this brand new set of images which have all of that, plus more…

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November 25, 2016

Domestic violence is a huge problem in society today. I won’t go over the statistics, but needless to say, there is way too much of it going on. Some of my closest friends have been victims of domestic violence, and it’s something that they have never, and will never forget or move on from…

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The Clouded Mind
August 19, 2016

Brain fog, a cognitive malfunction where you lose all focus and you can’t think straight, is a common occurrence that everyone experiences. It can last for minutes, hours or even days depending on who you are and if you have any underlying causes that make it worse…

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August 9, 2016

There are times where we hide our true identity. We put on a mask, or a “facade”, and deceive others into thinking that we are someone who we really aren’t. We do this for many reasons. We often times do it because we aren’t comfortable with people knowing the truth about who we are or what we think, and we worry that revealing the truth could hurt another…

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February 5, 2015

This is a series of images which reflects some of my own experiences in life due to being chronically ill.
Sometimes things happen in our lives that change us, they change us so much that we lose our identity,  we become a shell of what we once were, we become faceless…

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Learning Fine Art Photography With Brooke Shaden
December 21, 2014

It all began with an amazing hug..
The date was Sunday the 14th of December, the weather was quite nice from what I can remember and the occasion was Brooke Shaden’s Fine Art Photography workshop in Winchelsea…

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Epic Week With Von Wong – The Final Days
August 12, 2014

Today was the day that the “Epic Shoot With Von Wong” was held!
It was a huge fashion shoot with 5 models, 3 hair/makeup artists a fashion stylist and probably around 10 other photographers, some of who I had met the day before at the conference…

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Epic Week With Von Wong – Canoeing, The Fetish Club And The Conference
June 26, 2014

The beginning of today was much quieter and a lot less crazy than the day would eventually become!
Ben had slept out on a hammock outside the house! I have no idea how he survived the night, as it was super cold out there! He really wanted to sleep under the stars though, so he braved the freezing cold night and slept in the hammock.,,

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Epic Week With Von Wong – The Rodeo
May 9, 2014

Today is the day that we head out on our epic road trip! Our destination is Kyabram, a place in the middle of nowhere where they are having a rodeo! We get ourselves out of bed at around 9 o’clock and it seems like it is just going to be a regular quiet and uneventful morning, but it is far from that…

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Epic Week With Von Wong – Photography, Photoshop and Fun!
May 6, 2014

All of a sudden, after a night of little seep it was Wednesday morning! I was still in a little bit of shock about what happened a little under 24 hours earlier when my favourite photographer Benjamin Von Wong surprised me by showing up on my doorstep…

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Epic Week With Von Wong – The Surprise!
April 11, 2014

I started to think “Oh my gosh, is it actually him? Bianca said “Hi” and then all of a sudden, a humanoid figure jumped out of the box and yelled “Happy birthday!”. All of a sudden, multiple cameras and my Dad rushed into view and I was stunned. It was him..it was actually him.. Benjamin Von Wong!

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