Let Me In, 2019

Twenty Twenty is going to be a year of change, a year of challenge and a year of growth.

Twenty Twenty is going to be the year that I reach new heights in terms of my photography, and hopefully my health.

In this blog, I am going to be outlining all of my goals and making a few announcements, so strap in and hold on, because this blog is going to be quite the ride!

Well, it will be for me at least!


Photo Series

Reconnection, 2019

I am aiming to get back into doing photo shoots on a.much more regular basis, no.matter how.much it may be a struggle for my body to handle.

I am aiming to work more woth my Albury team of models and to finally start working with my Melbourne team, which I built around the middle of this year, but haven’t had a chance to work with yet due to my health keeping me down and out of the game.

The following is a list of photo series that I am planning to work on.

If you and/or your child live in Albury/Wodonga or Melbourne and would like to be considered to take part in any of the series, please follow the following link to the application form, and make sure you mark each specific series that you are interested in being a part of in the ‘Series You Are Interested In” section.



The 52 Week Project

This is going to be a huge undertaking!

The premise of this project is to create and release one image per week.

Usually there is a theme behind each week in a 52 week project, but I am instead sticking to just creating what feels best to me at the time.

Due to my health, I won’t be able to stick to going out once a week to create, however I will be stocking up on images on ever shoot that I do to make sure I can release one every week.

I will also be releasing a blog with each image, which will relate to the image itself, whether it be about the concept, about the shoot, or something else which related to the image.

These images and blogs will be released at my standard release time Monday night’s at 8:30pm AEDST (or AEST depending on the time of year).


Violent Intentions

The second major photographic project that I am announcing, or in this case re-announcing, is my Domestic Violence Project, which now has a name – “Violent Intentions”

Back in 2016, I created an image called “Escape”, which was created specifically for White Ribbon Day, to raise awareness for Domestic Violence Against Women.

Creating this image sparked an idea, an idea to create a series to raise awareness for not only women, but to raise awareness and start discussion that will hopefully help lead to the prevention or reduction of domestic violence and sexual violence across all genders.

I have tried to get this series off the ground a couple of times, however due to many different reasons, the project hasn’t properly begun yet, but now is the time for it to truly begin!

This series is going to be in two parts.

Part 1

The first part will have images with stories created by me, which involve the more common and broader stories of domestic and sexual violence.

These will be dark and conceptual in nature, similar to all of my other images.

The images in Part 1 will all involve implied nudity at some level, with the model either being implied topless or implied nude.

I am on the search for models for this part of the series. This part of the series is open to anyone who wishes to model for these images, and help raise awareness for the prevention of domestic violence!

Part 2

The second part of the series involves survivors.

I am on the search for unique stories of domestic or sexual violence from survivors, to turn into concepts.

If the survivor of that story is comfortable modelling for that concept, then they will also be the model for the image.

If they choose to share their story and allow me to create a concept out of the image, but aren’t comfortable with modelling for the image, I am also looking for other survivors of domestic and secual violence who would like to model for these specific images.


The Threads Of Life [2020 Edition]

Between, 2017

Back in 2017, I created a series of 6 images called “The Threads Of Life”.

I had been in the conceptualising process for this series for a couple of months, and had taken a test shot for the series, when I was asked to create a few images for the series for a group exhibition that was only a month or so away.

Naturally, with having to rush everything and having to keep the series family friendly for the gallery they were bring shown in, the series didnt turn out how I originally envisioned it, so now I am finally going to recreate it with the concepts and in the style that I originally envisioned for the series.

The Threads Of Life is a series of images which ties together the human experience through the use of thread, red thread, the threads of life, and will involve concepts to do with specific emotions, thoughts and experiences that we as humans go through in our journey through life.

These images will all be implied topless.


The Young Ones

Box Of Wonders, 2017

A lot of people have asked me “Why don’t you have any kids in your portfolio?”

To be honest, although I technically didnt have to, I wanted to get my Working With Childrens Check first before attempting to work with kids, but I kept procrastinating, and didn’t get it until October this year!

But now that I have it for both NSW and Victoria, I can finally feel comfortable working with kids!

This series is going to be a series full lighter themed storytelling images.

They will be dark in a sense, but not as dark as my usual images, and will involve the kids in fancy vintage dresses or suits!

I am looking for children between the ages of 6 and 12 for this series.


Other Major Goals

The Photography Studies College

Next year, I’m going back to school!

Yep, I’m heading to the Photography Studies College in Melbourne to start studying for an Advanced Diploma in Photography!

Although I have been a photographer for almost 8 years now, and working professionally for almost 4 of those years, there is always new something to learn, and although I don’t particularly need it as a photographer, it would be a bonus to have a qualification of some sort.

It’s a 4 year, part time course, which has two classes per week that run for 3 hours each.

I have only signed up for the first semester to see how my body handles it before signing my life away for 4 years.

Hopefully my body can handle it, and I can continue on and complete the course!

If it doesn’t work out, I am so glad that I am at least trying and taking on this massive challenge!

I will be writing blogs about it at the half way mark of the first year, and at the end of the first year, so keep an eye out for them if you are intereated in hearing how it’s going!


Exhibition, Competition and Publication Goals

Closet Woes, 2017

I am aiming to lessen my load when it comes to exhibitions and competitions this year. This year I mainly want to focus on creating images.

However, in saying that, I don’t want to give it up completely, just to slow down on it.

My Goals for each are as follows:
Solo Exhibitions – 2
Finalist In Competitions – 1
Group Exhibitions – 3


The Blog

In addition to the 52 Week Project blogs, which will be release on Monday night’s along with the images that they are connected to, I will be releasing one extra blog on Thursday night’s, which will all fit into at least one of the categories that you can see on the home page of my blog, which include blogs to inspire you, blogs to teach you about the technical aspects of photography, blogs about older or non-52 Week Project related photo shoots, and other stories and opinions that I may have that are photography related.

I am hoping to release one every week starting from next Thursday, January 2nd.



I am hoping to start teaching workshops and doing one-on-one mentoring this year!

There are already plans in place to possibly make that a reality, so keep an eye out if you live in or around Albury/Wodonga or Melbourne, and would like to learn from me!


These are all my goals for 2020.

It’s a huge list, and I’m not sure if I will be able to complete it, but I am going to try my absolute hardest no matter what!

I’m really looking forward to 2020!

I hope you all have a wonderful new year, and that your 2020 is filled with fun, happiness and laughter!